Historical Fashion Dress Up​

In Historical Fashion Dress Up you will explore fashion throughout history. Create historically accurate outfits, customize characters, and print charming paper dolls. A casual, captivating experience for historical fashion enthusiasts!

In the first pack you step into the shoes of a skilled tailor or seamstress in 1820s Norway.

Available packs: 1820s

In the first pack you step into the shoes of a skilled tailor or seamstress in 1820s Norway.

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You are Mrs. Sem, recently widowed and back on the social scene of Christiania (today Oslo), a small town like any other on the outskirts of Europe in the 1820s. Making your way back into society you can explore exciting locations and meet the people in town!

The fashion

In the early 1820s, fashion for both men and women underwent changes that reflected the social and cultural trends of the time.

Men’s fashion focused on a refined and tailored appearance, characterized by clean lines, fine fabrics, and attention to detail. Similarly, women’s fashion embraced a lighter and more graceful aesthetic. The high-waisted dresses, puffed sleeves, and delicate fabrics added elegance to their outfits. Bonnets, gloves, and flat shoes completed their ensembles.

Both mens and womes dress was influenced by the decline of the nobility’s status during and after the French revolution, as well as the hardships of the Napoleonic wars. Past centuries conspicuous consumption became unfashionable, replaced by the type of fabric, the craftsmanship involved in making the attire and the accessories used were more discrete ways of signaling wealth and taste.

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