About the project

Historical fashion dress up is a game that lets you explore fashions of the past. By experimenting with colors, cuts and décor, we hope you will be inspired to find needle and thread and start your own projects.

This game is born out of our joy and interest in old patterns and fabrics, as well as the rich history of how clothing was made, traded, and worn. When making this game our goal is to be true to the sources, as far as the digital tools will allow us. To create the garments we use fashion plates, paintings, pictures and preserved garments we find in various museum collections.

The first packs are dedicated to 1820s fashion and builds on three previous projects we worked on with The Norwegian Institute of bunad and folkcostume.

In the future, we hope to add more content from the 1820s and let you explore other decades as well.

Who are we?

Tidvis is a Norwegian indie games company that explores and develops new ways of disseminating research to make it available to the public, with a special emphasis on history. We believe history is important, because it gives us the means to understand the present and what we can expect of the future.

Our goal is to utilize both well known and new tools and technologies. Examples are databases, games, 3D models, augmented and virtual reality, animations, interactive sensory experiences and good, flexible designs on all platforms.

With our sophisticated solutions we attempt to have as broad of a reach as possible. This way we hope to make experiencing the past more accessible to a broader audience. This, in turn, allows us all to better reflect on the present and future.

Feel free to contact us at post@tidvis.no

In the 1820s, Rådhusgata 7 housed both the town hall, police station and prison. In the large hall on the second floor in the east wing, both court proceedings and concerts were held, and from 1822 Christiania Savings Bank was also open there on Saturday afternoons. Today, we at Tidvis, amongst others, have our offices here.

Meet the team

Ragnhild Hutchinson

CEO / Producer / Writer

Ragnhild is a 18th century historian (PhD), nordic larper and regency enthusiast. She is the producer and script writer for the game.

Maria Eliassen


Maria is a professional illustrator with a passion for historical fashion. She designs the characters, backgrounds and UI for the game. 

Tora Osvold


Tora has a BA in 3D graphics and has many years experience making detailed historical 3D-assets and environments. 

Amund Pedersen

Historian / COO

Amund has a MA in history and has a wide experience in disseminating history. He loves researching old archives after signs of lived lifes.

Carl William Holm


Carl has a BA in Game Design and a passion for systems and programming. He designs the game’s systems and adapts it for various platforms.

Ken Mikkelsen

Game Designer

Ken has a degree in philosophy (MA). He has developed gameplay and turned art, writing and code into a cohesive experience.